About Us

Alan Chandler

Alan Chandler,Owner

Growing up in Alexandria, LA  with a background in landscape design, Alan Chandler was introduced to decorative concrete by a good friend. This new trade sparked an interest in Alan and he began to research all about decorative concrete and how it is done. Quickly, this became a new found passion. In 2012, Alan relocated to Mandeville and knew he wanted to become involved in the concrete industry. For 5 months, he travelled around the country to train with the most experienced professionals in the decorative concrete industry. Most of the time, Alan worked for free just to gain knowledge and experience. Decorative concrete design came naturally to Alan and industry professionals were impressed with how well he was able to pick up the technique and creative aspects of the trade. When Alan came back home to Mandeville, he knew that he wanted to take the risk and use his knowledge and training to open his own business locally. His goal was to introduce a relatively new trade to the north shore and build his company into something that would change the way people look at concrete. After only a year and a half of being open for business, MiraCrete blew up into what it is today. The business is growing fast and is leading to bigger and more complex jobs which he could not be more excited about. Alan uses his expertise to use non-traditional and creative methods to make sure every job is nothing short of his best work.